Friday, January 13, 2012

Ramayana Dance

Rama, Sita and Laksamana, enter the jungle of Dandaka. Their journey has been detected by a demonic minister, Maricha of Alengka Kingdom.
King Rahwana discusses with Maricha about kidnapping the beautiful princess Sita.
But How?...

Maricha transforms himself into a deer to attract Sita. She tries to catch the beautiful golden deer but cannot. She asks Rama to catch it and bring it to her as a gift.
Rama leaves Sita under Laksamana's protection.
When Rama shoots the deer, it changes back to the real Maricha. Maricha is hurt and screaming for help. Sita hears someone screaming; must be Rama? She orders Laksamana to go and help him. Laksamana doesn’t believe it's Rama, but he traces a magic circle around Sita. "No body will be able to approach her..."

Rahwana has been watching Sita alone. After a little while, he appears as disguised an old priest, very very poor, who is begging water to drink. As soon as Sita brings water to him, Rahwana snatches Sita out of the circle and takes her.
On the way back to Rahwana's kingdom, the gigantic bird Jatayu, a friend of Rama's father, tries to rescue Sita. But in a short fight Jatayu is defeated. Before Jatayu's death, Rama and Laksamana find him and explain Sita's misadventure...

She now should be at Rahwana's Palace! Rama prays to send Jatayu to the Heaven.
Exciting appearance of white monkey warrior Hanoman with his troupe!
Rama orders him to enter the Alengka kingdom to meet Sita in exile. Rama gives his ring to Hanoman to identify his role as a true messenger. At the palace, Rahwana's niece Trijata and sympathetic attendants are trying to comfort Sita. They're suddenly disturbed by the arrival of King Rahwana. Then he forces Sita to marry him, but Trijata cajoles the king to wait until next day.

Hanoman storms into the palace. He meets Sita & Trijata and hands over the ring to Sita, In return, she give a golden flower to Hanoman. Before leaving the palace, Hanoman destroys the garden to express his anger. Demonic soldiers find Hanoman and fight with him. Hanoman defeats the guards & flies back report to Rama.

Rama sends Hanoman's troupe to attack Alengka kingdom. Rama and Rahwana fight. At last, Hanoman defeats Rahwana. Sita is released and Rama, Laksamana and Sita are happily reunited.
OM, Joy to Rama and Sita!

Every Friday 8pm at Laka Leke (restaurant), Nyuhkuning, Ubud.

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